The Story

Striving to add simplicity into our customers’ lives we create not only stylish but also affordable handbags.


Princely is the first handbag company to bring you phenomenal quality, and amazing designer experience - for way under 100 Euro.

We all stand on the same ground in one way or another.  We believe that everyone has an equal right to have access to amazing handbags that will last a lifetime, and not have to pay a fortune for them. In sense of every girl, it’s better to have two handbags than only one.


We worked and educated ourselves for the last years to develop our collection. We were inspired by the most iconic handbag designs from the last decades. We took these designs and combined them with our own to create our first collection, with the finest attention to detail.


Our handbags are timeless and classic, withstanding seasons and trends, never going out of style.

Princely handbags redefine the age old boring black or brown handbags - by adding a modern twist, lifestyle and a splash of color. We make stylish bags for stylish women.

Our brand embodies the freedom of choice and expression to every woman. We want you to express yourself the way you want. Princely handbags will always be about color, classiness and you. We set out to make handbags for the classy, trendy and cool kids - handbags that are good looking, premium quality and affordable!

Our designs are timeless and elegant and have a modern twist with a splash of color.

Logo and Name: The Princely Logo symbolizes the trendiness of London and the British classiness of royal heritage. Our brand name stands for what we are doing. We enable everyone to wear something trendy and classy to make her feel “Princely”.   

Color: We wanted to stray far away from boring black handbags - so we made ours with bold & tasteful colors. We designed handbags for the entire spectrum - subtle pops of color to bright and vibrant handbags that really do give life to any outfit you wear!


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